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Highlander Early Start Academy

Highlander Early Start Academy

Highlander Early Start Academy: Math & English Courses, Campus Housing Option, Financial Aid Available!

 Important Dates

  • Welcome Event for students and parents - Sunday, July 28th
  • Residence Hall Check-In -Sunday, July 28th
  • First day of class - Monday, July 29th
  • Fees Due- Tuesday, August 6th
  • Math Finals - Saturday, September 14th

Invest in your Success

Highlander Early Start Academy (HESA) is a 7-week intensive program that combines one English or Math course, an Oral Communications course, and an Early Start Seminar.  HESA will challenge you, give you more confidence in both your personal and academic development, provide you with knowledge about the campus and resources in order to allow you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Benefits of Highlander Early Start Academy

By participating in the program, students will:

  • Be eligible for a Summer scholarship of $250 by earning a 2.5 GPA or higher, passing your Early Start Seminar (ESS) , attend 3 out of 4 mandatory activities, and attend 2 academic support sessions (tutoring, SI, meet with your peer mentor, etc.) at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) 
    • An additional Fall, Winter, and Spring scholarship ($250 each quarter, $750 total) will be awarded to HESA students who continue to maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher, complete 12 units, and attend 5 academic support sessions inside (tutoring, Non-mandatory SI, writing support, ACE peer mentor program, etc) or outside of the ARC. This can be 5 sessions of the same service, 5 separate services, or a combination of both.
      • Services outside of the ARC that qualify towards the scholarship requirement include, but are not limited to: meeting with someone at the Career Center, your Academic Advisor, or Health Professions Advising Center (HPAC), etc - please talk to a HESA staff member if you have another idea.
  • Receive 4 (Math 6A, Math 7A, English 1A) or 5 units (English 4, Math 5) as well as earn 4 additional units towards graduation (English 008).
      • Develop effective strategies for reviewing and mastering course material
      • Hone skills that will be useful in this program and in your growth as a student
    • Special academic & personal success support designed especially for Early Start students
    • Gain an edge over other incoming freshmen with early access to campus life and resources

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