Frequently Asked Questions

Highlander Early Start Academy Program FAQ

  • Can I drop my Highlander Early Start Academy classes?

    Yes, you can. The deadline to DROP from the program without penalty is August 8th. You can do this by:

    1. Logging into R'Web

    2. Entering the call numbers for the classes you are enrolled in

    3. Clicking the drop box next to the call numbers and change it to say "Drop" instead of "Add"

    4. Check your schedule to make sure you dropped the classes by clicking "Classes" on the left side and make sure the classes you dropped do not show up there under "Summer 2023"

    The deadline to WITHDRAW from class(es), receive a “W” on your transcript, $4 form fee and NO REFUND for academic fees is August 28nd. To complete the request to WITHDRAW, you will need to be submit a form, please go to

  • Does Highlander Early Start Academy offer Financial Aid?

    When you apply for Highlander Early Start Academy you will check that you are interested in receiving financial aid. About 70% of Highlander Early Start Academy students are offered some sort of financial aid.

    If you are getting Financial Aid for Fall Quarter the Financial Aid you receive for the Highlander Early Start Academy does not come out of your Financial Aid Package you will receive in the Fall, it is a separate package.

  • How do I check on my Financial Aid Status?

    It may take up to a week after you have been accepted to the program before your financial aid award appears in R'Web under Award Status. Remember, you must accept this award through R'Web in order to receive it.

  • How do I participate in Highlander Early Start Academy?

    To be able eligible for the Highlander Early Start Academy program you must have placed into one of the following: English 4, Math 5A, OR  Math 6A. In order to have placed into these classes you will need to take the English and/or Math placement exams if you haven’t done so already. If you need information about registering for the placement exams please visit this website:

    *Please note that students only need to place into one of the courses and they will only be allowed to take one course in the Highlander Early Start Academy*

  • What are the activities and do I have to participate in all the activities?

    Besides taking an academic class, the Highlander Early Start Academy was designed to help students build a strong community with the UCR campus as well as other Early Start students. This is where the activities come into play.

    Activity attendance IS MANDATORY.  Activities can include (but aren’t limited to) the ropes course at the recreation center and a First Year Informational Workshop. There are also other social activities. Once you have been selected to the Highlander Early Start Academy your activity time will be assigned to you. For more activities details go to:

  • What if I'm enrolled in the Highlander Early Start Academy and need to do my Highlander Orientation?

    If you are interested in participating in the Highlander Early Start Academy it is strongly advised that you do your Highlander Orientation BEFORE Highlander Early Start Academy begins.

    Orientation days/times that conflict with Highlander Early Start Academy classes will cause you to miss either vital orientation and/or class time. If you are not able to attend your Orientation before the start of Highlander Early Start Academy, please email the Highlander Early Start Academy email, and Orientation, so we can work out a schedule for you during those days.

Housing FAQ

  • Can I choose a roommate?

    When booking housing, please look for a space with two vacancies and share the room number with your selected roommate so they can book the same room.  If you do not see the room number during room selection this means it is no longer available. Please continue with room selection to find another space in the same hall.


  • Can I receive mail?

    You can use the mailing address of the Summer Residence Hall as your mailing address. Mail can be picked up at the Resident Services Office (RSO)

  • Can I stay in the Residence Hall until the official Fall 2023 Move-In date?

    If you are interested in transitioning from your summer HESA space to your contracted Fall 2023 space, please send an email to Please note that there will be an additional charge and there are no meals offered during this period. If you have selected a Dundee space for 2023-2024, you will need prior approval from their bookkeeper. More information will be sent during your summer stay on transitioning to a confirmed Fall space.

  • How will I eat?

    Your dining plan for the summer includes 3 meals a day, every day. The summer dining plan will be added to your R'Card. One of our Residential Restaurants will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily in an all-you-care-to-eat style. You will receive more dining information once you fill out your housing contract. Dining Plans are mandatory for the summer session.

  • What about my safety?

    Access is restricted to all Residence Hall living areas. There are security cameras in all high-traffic areas. Our UCR Police Department continues to patrol the campus during our summer months. Resident Assistants will be living on each Highlander Early Start Academy hall during the program.

  • What should I bring?

    You should bring items that will make your stay comfortable. However, remember you will be sharing a room so there is no need to bring everything.

  • When can I move-in?

    All Highlander Early Start Academy spaces will be available for move-in to Lothian Residential Hall on Sunday, July 30, 2023, at 2:00 PM, after the Highlander Early Start Academy Welcome Event.

  • Why should I live on campus during the Highlander Early Start Academy?


    • No cooking or real need for transportation.
    • Proximity to resources, both in the Residence Hall and on campus.


    • Educational, cultural, social, and recreational activities hosted by on-site residential staff.
    • Get ahead with tutoring, counseling, and networking opportunities that will be available.
    • 24-hour emergency assistance for both maintenance and personal challenges.


    • Students who live on campus perform better academically and are happier in general with their college experience than those who live off campus or commute.