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Am I Eligible

All incoming freshman that have PLACED into English 4, Math 5, or Math 6A are eligible.

Students are only eligible to participate if they:
  • Have taken the AWPE and placed into English 4
  • Have taken the MAE and placed into Math 5 or Math 6A
  • Students can only take one of the above courses, so they only need to be placed into one of the courses to be eligible for the Highlander Early Start Academy.
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  • ARC-35 - Intermediate Algebra Workshop is NOT a part of the Highlander Early Start Academy. You can, however, take English 4 if you placed into it.
  • ARC 35  is offered over the summer, but we recommend that students only participate in one of the programs. Either Highlander Early Start Academy OR ARC 35, due to the time demands required for each program.



English OR Math Academy

College Success Course

HESA 001 (1 unit) – College Success Course

HESA 001 – College Success Course is a once a week course that is a core part of the Highlander Early Start Academy. This course will focus on the student transition to college.  

This course has two main components:

  1. Develop effective strategies for mastering success at UCR. 
  2. Hone skills that will be useful in this program and in your growth as a student. 

The academic & personal skills that will be discussed included:

  • Leadership
  • Time Management 
  • Financial and Budgeting
  • Test preparation
  • Critical thinking
  • Reading & Note-taking
  • Communication & Diversity
  • Goal Setting & Motivation

Early Start Activities

DUE TO COVID-19, all activities will be hosted virtually.  All activities are designed to help HESA students become more familiar with the UCR campus, fellow students, as well as the Peer Mentors.  Stay tuned for an updated activity schedule coming soon!

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