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Highlander Early Start Academy

Early Start Seminar and Activities

Below are the activities that you will be attending while you are in the Highlander Early Start Academy. We have designed these activities to help HESA students become more familiar with the UCR campus, fellow students, as well as the Early Start Peer mentors.

 • Week 2: Low Ropes (Mandatory)

  • These activities involve physical and mental challenges conducted low to the ground. They take group effort to accomplish. The group creates the safety system, spotting and supporting one another.

 • Week 3: High Ropes (Mandatory)

  • Participants are encouraged to step beyond their comfort zone and attempt, rather than complete, the element. Whether climbing a wall or walking the catwalk, these elements deliver the impression of risk, though they are built to be as safe as any activity on the ground.

 • Week 4: College Success Workshop (Mandatory)

  • Academic Recourse Center staff provides students with information about how to succeed in their first year at UCR.

 • Week 5: Campus Scavenger Hunt (Mandatory) 

  • Get to know the UCR campus through this fun scavenger hunt and receive prizes along the way!

• Week 6: Pool & Pizza Party (Not Mandatory)

  • Check out the brand new Student Recreation Center and enjoy some pool time, volleyball and pizza!

If you are unable to participate in a certain activity for whatever reason, you still need to attend and support your fellow Highlander Early Start Academy students!



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